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Qualifications. Baunei

Meet me online

My second Masters degree was in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling. An Existential Psychotherapist looks at what it means to be a human being. Each client is unique, although we are all mortal and all need to work on our relationships with others, the natural world, our values and with ourselves. The psychotherapist's role is not to tell you what to do but help you discover that you already have the resources to work on your problems. Only you can make the choices which are right for you. You may not be able to change how others treat you but you can change how you react to the actions of others. For me as a psychotherapist, the most moving part if the process is coaxing a client to face up to those most difficult of feelings in my counselling room. Finally they don't need to avoid, suppress or run from their darkest emotions. The therapeutic goal is to find it easier to live in the moment and enjoy life's wonderful experiences in glorious technicolour.

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A safe pair of hands

I am a clinical member of the UKCP as a Psychotherapist
I am on the BACP register too which makes means I can offer short-term counselling and am known to GP services
I am a clinical member of the UPCA which ensures the highest standards of training and continued professional development
I am an accredited member of ACTO because I undertook specialist training to become qualified to work online

Qualifications. Madeira

Effective online therapy

I'm comfortable working online. I believe to be an effective online therapist you need to recreate the warm, containing, safe therapeutic space which is like a bubble around client and therapist. If you can build a high quality, empathic and supportive relationship with someone in a physical room, you should be able to recreate that in the virtual therapy room.
I had planned to transfer to mainly online working three years’ ago when I moved to glorious west Wiltshire, just over the border from Somerset where I grew up. I can sit in my office, surrounded by birds, trees and flowers and invite you to spend an hour with me in this special, peaceful place.

Qualifications. Venice1

An oasis of calm

Right now you can work online with me with an almost unique degree of flexibility.  Unlike many other non-specialist therapists, I organise my schedule to work around the busy schedules of my clients who need time to rehearse, travel and perform. You can choose the stability of the same day each week or arrange to see me when your schedule allows. If you can find a space where you are undisturbed for an hour, I will take you with me into my calm and safe therapeutic space where the only likely interruption is from a purring cat - or two.


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